2VM's Breakfast with Ando

Weekdays from 6am

For well over half a century 2VM has been an essential in the life of many. For half his life, Ando has been an essential part of 2VM. An entire generation and more have grown up starting their days with that constant, Ando for breakfast on 2VM. 

As sure as the sun rises, you can start your day with Ando for breakfast, here on 2VM, FEELING GOOD.

The John Laws Show

Weekdays from 9am

John Laws is the undisputed ‘King’ of Talkback Radio, afterall he’s been doing it for 55 years. John cuts thru the political spin and asks the hard questions, often unsettling politicians. If it’s news, information, entertainment and talkback you’re after, there is only one choice, John Laws.

Rural News Hour

Weekdays from 12 noon

Weekdays from noon catch 2VM's Rural New Hour. With a comprehensive weather update from the BOM, the latest rural news, stock prices and more!

Afternoon's with Steve

Weekdays from 1pm

Join Steve McPhereson weekdays from 1pm to 3pm on 2VM's afternoon music show. Full of your favourite hits from over the years. Plus plenty of local talk and interviews! 

Talkin' Sports

Thanks to the TAIT Auto Group - Weekdays from 3pm

Join Graeme Hughes, Gavin Robertson, Peter Tunks and Brett Papworth for the only drive time sports show. Get involved with the discussion, chat about the games from the weekend or anything to do with your favourite sporting code. Call the boys on 13 12 69.

Talk Tonight with Graeme Gilbert

Weeknights from 7pm

Join Talk Tonight for news, views, comment and lots of fun. Graeme states “It’s a show driven by the listeners. After dark radio is a time when people like a more relaxed exchange of ideas and that’s what Talk Tonight offers.” Besides entertaining a large nightly audience, Graeme acknowledges Talk Tonight is the ‘media of trust’ in times of community disruption.”

Talk Overnight with Gary Stewart

Weeknights from Midnight

Talk Overnight is your perfect companion into the small hours of the morning. Whether you’re doing the late shift or simply cannot sleep, enjoy the company of Gary Stewart and ‘Talk Overnight’. Be sure to participate in the discussion on 13 12 69.

Early Breakfast with  Grant Goldman

Weekdays from 5am

The Grant Goldman Breakfast Show is one of the longest established Breakfast shows on Sydney radio. Grant’s show is sure to entertain with the latest news, sport and weather, your talkback, chances to win with Goldie’s Quiz Relay and Goldie’s Secret Sound. Grant looks forward to welcoming you every weekday morning from 5am.